The Future is Now


The UCL Mechanical Engineering Department organised this event on January 18th, 2018.


The public was invited to come to the Shaw Theatre, Euston Road, London.


Our ESR Carlos Ledezma presented his group’s work in front of an audience of around 400 people. In the audience there were UCL Mechanical Engineering students and lecturers, general public and the UCL President and Provost, Professor Michael Arthur.


Previously called MechEng Day, this series of fast-paced science presentations and demonstrations aims at showing all the interesting research that is being done within UCL. This year the event focused on showing how science fiction becomes science fact. The Future is Now included presentations on soft robots, neuroscience, artificial intelligence and, of course, engineering applied to cardiovascular disease management and treatment.

Carlos made a 5-minute presentation about the work of the Multiscale Cardiovascular Engineering Group, host to both ESRs Carlos and Mirko. The presentation faced the public with the possibility of using minimally-invasive acquisitions, computational simulations and experimental platforms to develop precision medicine techniques. This approach was exemplified by Carlos’ and Mirko’s theses works and encouraged the public to think that the future of medicine is happening now!