Outreach is any activity by means of which the progress of the consortium is made known to the general public. The VPH-CaSE researchers are committed to making ground-breaking research that improves everyone’s lives, it is our desire that our research doesn’t remain in the lab, but is made available to all, in terms anyone can understand. Outreach activities are of a wide variety, they range from conferences and talks, to shows and expositions, to public engagement events in restaurants and pubs. Basically, any means of scientific communication to the non-scientific community is, for us, an outreach possibility.

During outreach activities, researchers make an effort to present science in an interesting manner; this includes interactive activities that the public will remember after the event has passed. These events present complicated scientific principles in an accessible and intuitive manner, so that people from all ages and abilities can appreciate their impact in their day-to-day activities. Ultimately, it is our goal that the visitors feel as enthusiastic about our work as we do ourselves.

Please see the table below to learn how VPH-CaSE makes itself known to the world:

STEM for Britain2018-03-12UK Parliament, London100+
The Future is Now!2018-01-18The Shaw Theatre, London400 visitors
AVIESAN Yearly Meeting2017-11-21André Malraux Auditorium in Lyon, France150 visitors
Fête de la Science2017-10-14Village de Sciences, Institut Univerasitaire de Technologie, Lyon60-70 visitors of all ages
MEETmeTONIGHT2017-08-29Indro Montanelli Gardens, Milan100+ visitors
Chemistry in the square2017-08-16Politecnico di MilanoAround 80 visitors
3-minute thesis2017-06-26University College London200+
MechEng Showcase Live!2017-06-10University College London30-50 visitors
BME Research Day 20172017-04-04Eindhoven University of Technology100+
Minors Fair2017-03-07University College London300 visitors
Researcher's Night2016-09-30University of Sheffield20-30 visitors, aged 8 to 80 years
Women in Engineering Taster Day2016-07-04University College London30-40 visitors, female, aged 15-17 years
Festival of Life2016-04-20University of Sheffield20-30 visitors, aged 6 months to 80 years
Biomedical Engineering Research Day2016-04-08Eindhoven University of Technology200+ visitors
By the deep, by the mark (Eloise Hawser)2018-01-31Terrace Rooms, South Wing, Somerset House, London, UKAbout 25000 people
Hearts and how to heal them: A science and engineering adventure2018-07-19Engineering Building of University College London, London, UK. About 50 people