The VPH-CaSE project provides a number of documents that follow the state and progress of the consortium. There are three types of documents used by the consortium to deliver information:europedots

  1. Deliverables: public documents intended to inform the general public about the state of the consortium
  2. Newsletters: periodically published communications including the most recent news about training and outreach activities, early stage researchers, scientific advancements and general information related to the project.
  3. Publications: journal papers, conference articles and any other peer-reviewed publication by which the main accomplishments of the individual research projects are made available to the scientific community.

All these documents are publicly available and we welcome any comments. If you are interested in our work, want further information or wish to collaborate, you can contact us any time.

Also, the VPH-CaSE consortium continuously engages in outreach activities to make all the progress made by the ESRs available to the public.