Conference – Scientific Committee

Scientific committee

This is the scientific committee in charge of reviewing and accepting abstracts and awarding the prizes in the conference:

  • Dr. Andrew NarracottUniversity of Sheffield
  • Dr. John FennerUniversity of Sheffield
  • Dr. Marcel RuttenTechnical University of Eindhoven
  • Dr Vanessa DíazUniversity College London
  • Prof. Francesco MigliavaccaPolitecnico di Milano
  • Prof. Giancarlo Pennati Politecnico di Milano
  • Prof. Herve LiebgottUniversité de Lyon
  • Prof. Patrick ClarysseUniversité de Lyon
  • Dr. Cemil GoksuTherenva
  • Prof. Rod HoseUniversity Sheffield
  • Mr. Adrian WalkerLeeds Test Objects
  • Dr. Michel RochetteANSYS
  • Prof. Gabriele DubiniPolitecnico di Milano
  • Dr. Marco StijnenUniversity of Eindhoven
  • Prof. Bas de MolUniversity of Eindhoven
  • Prof. Denis FribouletCentre National de la Recherche Scientifique