Conference Proceedings

The following works have been accepted for presentation, either oral or poster, and publication in conference proceedings. These are works related to the VPH-CaSE consortium. Links  are provided to the proceedings and conference websites.

ESRPublication DateTitleConference
Paolo Ferraiuoli2017-11-06Uncertainty of 3D-DIC in cardiac strain measurements using numerically deformed stereo imagesiDICs 2017 Conference & Workshop
Paolo Ferraiuoli2017-10-18 Analysis of speckle pattern quality and uncertainty for cardiac strain measurements using 3D digital image correlationVipIMAGE 2017
Simone Ambrogio2017-10-18The Ring Vortex: a candidate for a liquid-based complex flow phantom for medical imagingVipIMAGE 2017
Simone Ferrari2017-10-18The Ring Vortex: a candidate for a liquid-based complex flow phantom for medical imagingVipIMAGE 2017
Massimiliano Mercuri2017-10-18An Automatic method for aortic segmentation based on level-set methods using multiple seed pointsVipIMAGE 2017
Carlos Ledezma2017-09-24A big data approach to myocyte membrane analysis: using populations of models to understand the cellular causes of heart failure CinC 2017
Carlos Ledezma2017-09-24Using populations of models to navigate big data in electrophysiology: evaluation of parameter sensitivity of action potential models CinC 2017
Carlos Ledezma2017-09-24Evaluating the risks of arrhythmia through big data: automatic processing and neural networks to classify epicardial electrograms CinC 2017
Emilia Badescu2017-09-06Multi-Line Transmission For 3D ultrasound imaging An experimental study2017 IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium
Emilia Badescu2017-09-06Doppler Velocity estimation in 3D cardiac ultrafast ultrasound imaging : an in vitro study2017 IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium
Emilia Badescu2017-09-06Validation of optimal 2D sparse arrays in focused mode: phantom experiments2017 IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium
Louis Fixsen2017-09-06Assessment of left bundle branch related strain dyssynchrony: a comparison with tagged MRI2017 IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium 2017
Paolo Ferraiuoli2017-08-29 3D shape and full-field strain measurement in a coronary artery using 3D-DIC12th International Conference on Advances in Experimental Mechanics
Susanna Migliori2017-07-02Reconstruction method of patient-specific coronary arteries with stent for CFD analysesESB 2017
Mirko Bonfanti2017-07-02A multiscale compliant model for flow simulation in aortic dissection: comparison with multimodal imaging data ESB 2017
Mirko Bonfanti2017-07-02An in vitro haemodynamic study of a patient specific model of aortic dissection via particle image velocimetry ESB 2017
Ricardo Gomez2017-07-02Role of the potting region in gas cooling and water condensation in blood oxygenatorsESB 2017
Louis Fixsen2017-06-11Ultrasound strain imaging of mechanically supported ex-vivo beating porcine heartArtimino 2017
Gerardo Kenny Rumindo2017-06-11Strain-based parameters for infarct localization: Evaluation via a learning algorithm on a synthetic database of pathological heartsFIMH 2017
Gerardo Kenny Rumindo2017-03-27Generation of a synthetic database of a heart models to evaluate strain-based infarct detection algorithmsRITS 2017
Louis Fixsen2017-01-26Ultrasound strain imaging of mechanically supported ex-vivo beating porcine heartBME 2017
Mirko Bonfanti2016-09-28Patient-specific simulation of the blood flow in an aortic dissection for clinical support including an efficient method to represent the motion of the intimal flap and vessel wall: a case studyVPH 2016
Susanna Migliori2016-09-28Stented coronary arteries: a semi-automatic segmentation method for OCT-based reconstructionVPH 2016
Gerardo Kenny Rumindo2016-09-22Comparison of different strain-based parameters to identify human left ventricular myocardial infarct: a three-dimensional finite element studyCMBBE 2016
Emilia Badescu2016-09-21A measure of confidence for Phase-Based Motion Estimator applied to 2D US-TO imagesIUS 2016
Susanna Migliori2016-09-09A robust OCT-based reconstruction method for coronary arteriesESB-ITA 2016
Susanna Migliori2016-08-20A method for coronary bifurcation centerline reconstruction from angiographic images based on focalization optimizationEMBC 2016