These are the host institutions for the VPH-CaSE projects, along with the titles of the Individual Research Project to be developed in each of the institutions.

University of Sheffield (USFD)



IRP 1: Optical characterization of dynamic strains in soft tissue
IRP2: Towards a Complex Flow Standard for Diagnostic Imaging
Supervisors: Dr. Andrew Narracott and Dr. John Fenner

Technische Universiteit Eindhoven (TU/e)


IRP3: Experimental assessment of Heart condition evaluation in LVAD-supported patients
IRP4: 3D Modelling of Cardiac Contraction in LVAD-supported patients
Supervisor: Dr. Marcel Rutten

University College London (UCL)


IRP5: Development of Physiologically Based Cardiac Contraction 3D Mode
IRP6: Pre & Post Operative In-Silico Planning for Aortic Dissections
Supervisor: Dr. Vanessa Diaz

Politecnico di Milano (POLIMI)


IRP7: Patient-specific modelling of bifurcation stenting procedures for interventional  planning
IRP8: Multi-physics and multi-scale modelling of devices for CardioPulmonary Bypass
Supervisors: Prof. Francesco Migliavacca and Prof. Giancarlo Pennati

Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS)


IRP9: Diagnosis of cardiovascular pathologies by 3D vector motion estimation using Tranverse Oscillations – Ultrasound
IRP10: Cardiac modelling for the study and following of reversible/irreversible myocardial injuries
Supervisors: Prof. Herve Liebgott and Prof. Patrick Clarysse


IRP11: Tuning of boundary conditions parameters for hemodynamics simulation using patient data
Supervisors: Cemil Goksu and Prof. Rod Hose (USFD)

Leeds Test Objects (LTO)

ltoIRP12: Development of a Complex Flow Phantom for Diagnostic Imaging
Supervisors: Adrian Walker and Dr. John Fenner (USFD)



IRP13: Reduced order modelling toolkit applied to hemodynamics for interventional and surgery
Supervisors: Michel Rochette, Prof. Gabriele Dubini (POLIMI)

LifeTec Group (LTG)


IRP14: Myocardial Physiology in Isolated Cardiac Tissues
Supervisors: Dr. Marco Stijnen and Prof. Bas de Mol (UvA)